Siliva Iorio, a JCU sophomore, attending the JCU at Vatican City 2013 wrote the following two poems after visiting L’Aquila with the Program.


Putting on Someone Else’s Shoes

It seems to me that if my world were shaken to the ground

My thoughts for the future would never be found

I’ve tried to feel it, the pain, the frustration

On faces. All I see is stained patience

It aches my heart though I don’t know much

Envisioning the future…well one can only hope for such

But the beauty of the disaster remains on their faces

This is your beautiful town, you keep your paces

And I must tell you, I still see you all smile

You just have to let God take over for awhile


The Other Side of Beauty

 A place of ruins combined with beauty

A place of people combined with souls

A place of smiles combined with fear

A place of patience combined with failed hopes

A place of memories combined with foggy futures

A place of sadness combined with love

A place where peace is only brought by doves


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