JCU at Vatican City 2013

The program

This study abroad program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to study in Vatican City while learning Italian and become familiar with the culture of Italy. Undergraduate students are offered the opportunity to study in Vatican City while earning John Carroll University credits, just as if courses were taken on the John Carroll campus. Students are able to take 15-18 credit hours at our host institution, the Pontificia Universita Urbaniana, to fulfill the requirements of the JCU Academic Core.  Some of the courses have museum visits outside of the scheduled classes.

Courses Offered (may change)*

  • IT 101, Beginning Italian (No prerequisite)
  • IT 201, Intermediate Italian (Prerequisite IT 101)
  • IT 202, Intermediate Italian (Prerequisite IT 101-201)
  • IT 301, Advanced Italian (Prerequisite IT 101-102, 201-202)
  • IT 399, Italian Literature and Culture
  • PL 285, African Philosophy (Prerequisite PL 101 [Core IV, R]).
  • PL230, Christian Thinkers (Prerequisite PL 101 [Core IV, CS])
  • PL 302, Introduction to Ethics (Prerequisite PL 101 [Core IV])
  • AH 431, Sixteenth Century Art in Rome (Prerequisite AH 101, [CS])
  • HS 296, A Century of Italian History (1870-1992) (No prerequisite [Core II, S])
  • RL 326, History of the Papacy (Prerequisite RL 101 [Core IV, S, CS])
  • IC 360, Dante’s Divine Comedy (No prerequisite, Core II, L, CS)

Living in Rome

Students share apartments located in the center of Rome and within walking distance to the university (just around the corner from the Vatican). Amenities included in the cost:  air-conditioning and heat, gym access, lounge area, and cleaning services. The students are able to shop for food through a food stipend.

Travel within Italy

Students participate in excursions  to Tuscany, to Northern Italy and to the Abruzzo region throughout the semester abroad. While traveling to these locations, students will have the opportunity to visit museums, palaces, and old noble and royal residences. The costs of the excursions are included in the program fee.

Faculty Director

Faculty Director Santa Casciani, Ph.D., director of the Bishop Anthony M. Pilla Program in Italian American Studies at John Carroll University, was instrumental in creating the study abroad program at Vatican City. As Associate Professor of Italian language and literature at John Carroll, Dr. Casciani has developed undergraduate courses dealing with Italian and Italian American literature. She has published extensively in Italian literature, including work focused on authors such as Dante and Michelangelo. She earned her Ph.D. in Italian at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, her M.A. in Italian at the Ohio State University, her B.A. in Italian and English at Saint John Fisher College and AS in Marketing from Monroe Community College.


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